Mini-workshop: Introduction to computational quantum transport with Kwant

Kwant workflow

In this four-hour workshop we introduce the basics of quantum transport simulations of mesoscopic devices using the Kwant software package. Our entry-level workshop is aimed at active condensed matter physicists who have a basic knowledge of Python. We do not expect familiarity with Kwant or quantum transport simulations.

We thank, a public service and a volunteer-run open-source project with cloud resources sponsored by Google Cloud, OVH, GESIS Notebooks and the Turing Institute for providing a computational environment for the workshop.

You can run the course notebooks interactively Binder or download a zip archive with notebooks (you'll need Kwant and Jupyter to run them).

Workshop videos

Opening remarks

Basic concepts

Introduction to scattering theory and Kwant.

Advanced concepts

Complex Hamiltonians, symmetries, Andreev reflection.

Time-dependent transport with TKwant

Automated Symmetry analysis with QSymm

Kernel polynomial method

Parallel evaluation with Adaptive

Organizers, speakers, and instructors

Christoph Groth
Xavier Waintal
Michael Wimmer
Anton Akhmerov
Thomas Kloss
Dániel Varjas
Bas Nijholt
Pablo Piskunow
Genevieve Fleury
Abbout Adel
Chatzikyriakou Eleni
Adel Kara-Slimane
Isidora Araya Day
Branislav Nikolic
Ousmane Ly
Antonio Lucas Rigotti Manesco
Michael Barth
Jacob Fuchs
Andreas Bereczuk