Quantum Oscillations in Insulators

During the last five years, experimental studies of a range of different materials have demonstrated the coexistence of quantum oscillations of magnetization and electrical insulation. This combination presents an apparent paradox, since quantum oscillations usually indicate a Fermi surface of electrons, which is at odds with the lack of electrical conduction. These observations have kicked off a flurry of new experimental findings and theoretical ideas, but the central mystery of the origin of the oscillations still does not have a consensus solution.

This workshop, which extends for four hours over two days, aims to bring together experimental and theoretical leaders in the study of quantum oscillations in insulators. Our focus is on presenting new experimental findings, reviewing the commonalities and differences between different materials — including SmB6, YbB12, and WTe2 —, and on discussing the candidate theories.

Main Program

Bulk Fermi surfaces in bulk unconventional insulators

by Suchitra Sebastian, Cambridge University

Magnetism in SmB6

by Collin Broholm, Johns Hopkins University

Quantum Oscillations in Resistivity and Magnetization of Insulators

by Lu Li, University of Michigan

Intrinsic Landau Quantization in WTe2 Insulators

by Sanfeng Wu, Princeton University

Quantum oscillations in the resistivity of an excitonic insulator

by Patrick Lee, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Panel Discussion

panelists: Leslie Schoop, G. Baskaran, Piers Coleman, Nigel Cooper, T. Senthil
moderator: Art Ramirez

Late-breaking session

Quantum oscillations in 2D insulators induced by graphite gates

by Kin Fai Mak, Cornell University

Intrinsic low-energy magnetic excitations detected in SmB6 by μSR

by Jeff Sonier, Simon Fraser University

Bulk Transport Through Defects in Floating Zone and Al-flux-grown Samarium Hexaboride

by Cagliyan Kurdak, University of Michigan

Evidence for Specific Heat Quantum Oscillations in SmB6

by Patrick LeBarre, University of California Santa Cruz

Anomalous Quantum Oscillations in a Heterostructure of Graphene on a Proximate Quantum Spin Liquid

by Valentin Leeb, Technical University Munich

Majoranas in Mixed Valence Insulators

by Chandra Varma, University of California Berkeley

Survival of neutral fermions into the high-magnetic-field Kondo-metal state of YbB₁₂

by John Singleton, Los Alamos National Lab


Brian Skinner

Suchitra Sebastian

Yun Suk Eo