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Speakers' Corner Reproducibility crisis in condensed matter


Virtual Science Forum is a volunteer-run open platform aiming to accommodate organization of online conferences. We organize, host, and support virtual academic events. Additionally we develop best practices and provide recommendations for all community members.

What we do

We offer beginning-to-end support for organizing an academic event of your own:

  • We provide a minimal effort platform for making an event page, managing registrations, and publishing the talks.
  • We announce the events to our mailing list of currently around 1500 participants, mainly from condensed matter and quantum physics.
  • We provide advice, technical support, and a collection of best practices for running such an event.

Check out the organizer guide to see what it takes. We have hosted workshops, tutorials, and seminar series. We prioritize upholding a safe, accessible, inclusive and equitable online environment for all across the spectrum of identities and lived experiences. We encourage participation, either as speakers, organizers or audience, of all members of the scientific community.

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We are always happy to welcome new members on the organizational side of VSF. Please take a look here to see how to keep up with our activities or join our organising team.