Superconducting diode effects

May 18–19 2022

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In the last few years, experimental breakthroughs in the field of non-reciprocal superconductivity have led to the realization of the superconducting diode effect in both bulk superconducting films and Josephson junctions (i.e., Josephson diodes), both with and without an applied magnetic field to break time reversal symmetry. These results raise fundamental questions as to the origins and mechanisms of the different superconducting diode effects as well as open the door to game-changing advancements in superconducting electronics for technological applications. In this workshop, we bring together experimentalists creating and exploring novel superconducting diodes as well as theorists explaining and predicting these effects. Through a series of seminars and discussions, we will compile the status of the field and chart a path for the future.


Published work associated to each speaker is linked. Links point to arXiv whenever possible for ease of access to the manuscript.

Mazhar Ali, TU Delft - Introduction to the field

Teruo Ono, Kyoto University

Observation of superconducting diode effect

Akito Daido, Kyoto University

Intrinsic Superconducting Diode Effect

Kun Jiang, CAS Beijing

General theory of Josephson Diodes

Heng Wu, TU Delft

Realization of the field-free Josephson Diode

Denis Kochan, University of Regensburg

Supercurrent rectification and magnetochiral effects in symmetric Josephson junctions

Informal discussion

Naoto Nagaosa, Riken

Nicola Paradiso, Regensburg University

Dmitri Efetov, ICFO Barcelona

Liang Fu, MIT

Jiang-Xiazi Lin, Brown University

Zero-field superconducting diode effect in small-twist-angle trilayer graphene

Mathias Scheurer, University of Innsbruck

Theory of zero-field diode effect in twisted trilayer graphene

Informal discussion

Satellite talks

Rubén Seoane Souto (Center for Quantum Devices, Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark)

The Josephson diode effect in supercurrent interferometers
Preprint: arXiv:2205.04469

Bomin Zhang (University of Pittsburgh)

Superconducting diode effect in InSb nanowires Josephson junctions

Stefan Ilić (Centro de Fisica de Materiales (CFM-MPC), San Sebastian, Spain)

Theory of the supercurrent diode effect in Rashba superconductors with arbitrary disorder
Preprint: arXiv:2108.00209


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